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Video Transcript
We'll talk about guys as they've got a big game tonight on usual Friday night game and then we'll get into some high school football but right now Brielle Lainey joins us from the Boo U at KSU Hi Gary. how's it going for you done Well awesome so yeah so tell me about you at KSU start what do you do so I am a marketing assistant at Kent State University at Stark but I'm also kind of the interim event planner so that's why okay That's kinda why I'm in this shoes today. I have I wear a couple of different hats so I'm taking over. This year we got it okay so you yes is obviously we're in the Halloween season so I like talking about movie season during during that so so what is boo so boo. It's a free family-friendly event that's happening on our campus next Thursday. Nice October 20 -fourth from five to seven PM. It's directed toward elementary school students. Okay so it's not too spooky. You can bring your little ones. alright. So what happen is it outside? Is it inside it most of it? So you wanna make sure you dress the little ones warm cuz they're gonna be trick or treating outside. yeah it's going all the way across our campus. We have 200 acres so 200 acres of is it really kinda trick or treating trick or treating? Yeah yeah so all of our student Organization at the end of the at the end of the line is the Dental Association. Yeah, kids are taken. We come on really we've got over 15000 pieces of candy ready to give out so we are excited. Alright so there must be a history to this event. Oh yeah this is the eleventh year that we've had it. No kidding. Yeah. yeah. alright so who's involved? I mean who's passing out the candy? Is it students really it's our student organizations most of them So there's a couple of special groups as well so we have over 20 student groups that are passing out candy each of them have a different theme so some of the themes this year our Toy story we have famous musicians. Oh get out really so they dress up is like characters. Yeah. Oh yeah we have. Group doing princesses superhero Yeah, I wanna do community events as long as I can dress up right woody. I mean really of course Oh yeah so lots of groups and then also we have stark parks. they're gonna be there usually they bring a live animal like an owl or they bring a frog. Don't they Yeah. They usually try to bring Philly so I he'll maybe be there should dress up as like a turtle. I know right it makes sense right? Yeah okay And then also the Canton charge will be there and they'll have their mascot with. Yes you'll be there. He should dress up as well as the best stuff that's right. You should dress up as the Ohio State Buckeye okay. you can just switch his top very funny. Yeah costume characters need to dress up too. Yes. Yes nice because they get they get away with not having to dress up as anything I know what's up with that exactly alright so there's children's trick or treat at stations all over it's all over campus or is it kind of a section where you know where to Park you know sort of where to go or their signs right So there will be event signs but you wanna start in. Hall We have that big parking lot right there out front of Frank Rose Yeah so that's where the route will start and then you'll end kind of wrapping around our science and nursing building this the kids will get to do like a swamp walk. We have the pond back behind the campus and so they get to walk behind there as Waikem walk. Yeah okay. alright so and you and I noticed this in the press release. There's a lot of family oriented activities so there's games so there will be a couple of games a lot of the student groups. They kinda come up with their own things so we have a couple of groups doing crafts and the tail on the witch right Are you allowed to do? Now I mean I think so there is a group that's doing like which is in Warlock okay. Yeah a photo station tell me about that. Yeah so the photo station we actually set up one of our our backdrops and we decorate it with you know spooky Halloween things and families can get their picture in front of it and we post on Facebook later that evening so that they can share it. Yup. Alright and look at you guys being so so conscious about health. Some candy distributed during this event may contain nuts, eggs, soy, wheat, gluten build products and other food. So you have to put those little disclaimer we do we do just in case alright so as I was looking at the temperature coming up the next. yes. I mean always checking the weather right overnight lows 30 - six tonight. I don't know what it's gonna be next next week. Boo has never been a warm event so we always tell people to dress warm hats and gloves. Yeah but this is the season right and and I think parents and families they're used to doing all that stuff right? Yeah. Alright so Body and everybody anybody and everybody and it's all free. It's all free so all you gotta do is just just show up. Alright. thank you sir. The ages really are. I mean yeah you gonna disqualify them if they're actually 13 pretending to be eight. No what's going on No way. we just ask that people that come where family-friendly costumes. That's really the big thing It's mostly directed to elementary kids. So if I come as a native American if I call it an Indian or you could hit me off campus just asking we won't. Not to John with dress up is that no we won't kick you off campus the it's it's gonna it's tougher and tougher it just let it is. It is to do Halloween every day. Oh yeah so I you know here's I'm gonna make a suggestion to K S U what you need is you have a designated is my costume politically correct Department. Yeah we have to call in and take a picture and go can I make it? Can I do this? Yeah. maybe they go through like. The detector right? No no no no. no. you gotta change this just can't you come and celery something like that so that way you know everybody will be happy with you. Yeah. I was just at Target and all of their costumes. You could dress up like a hot dog a hamburger. I know you think Obj's rock right but boy when you start becoming other people it starts getting a little little dicey right? Yeah so you gotta be careful on that but I don't know I'm not gonna judge themselves you know but you know with the little ones it's mostly princesses probably was a whole Bowl but I'm not sure about that they could. And we would never know right there. Oh you're going to your dad. There you go. Yeah. Got it. alright. So it's taking over Kent State University at stark Thursday, October 20. -fourth. What time does it start five to Seven PM. Okay. So get there early. get there early enjoy and you're gonna come away with bags of candy bags of candy and again some some may contain not saying so yeah. make sure you bring your own candy bucket Important and I just saw something yesterday that I I don't know JD or Pam has sent me some kids may have blue pumpkin buckets this okay. They're autistic kids so that we know that have so you don't do. I'm like oh my God right That's pretty cool some more so if you see blue now you know the sensory Yup. Alright. it's 12 minutes after 11 o 'clock we gotta take a break. Thank you so much. Thank you with us here this morning. Thank you. Listen for the fall cash word at 40 pass every hour six AM to midnight Go to WHBC dot com because on 1480. WHBC. You can fall into cash. To care for him who shall have born the battle and for his widow.