More People Buckling Up Locally

(WHBC) – Some good news about seat belt use in Stark County as the highway patrol issues a reminder to everyone to buckle up this holiday season.

The Ohio Traffic Safety Office says Stark County had the highest seat belt use rate — 95.9 percent — in a recent survey of counties.

Stark County Safe Communities says this is great news considering as recently as 2009 the seat belt use rate was as low as 66 percent.

“Through the combined efforts of our community partners and the public who are making the choice to ‘buckle up’, we have gone from being under the state and national average for seat belt use rate to above the national average of 89.7 percent and Ohio average use rate of 84.9 percent. Great news for our county!”

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is reminding everyone to buckle up this holiday season and continue to do so throughout the New Year.

In the last two years, a total of 1,142 people were killed in crashes who were not wearing an available safety belt.

“It’s simple – safety belts save lives and reduce injury in crashes,” said Lt. Matos, commander of the Akron Post.

“It is the easiest thing you can do to protect yourself, your family and friends.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates 409 lives were saved in Ohio and 14,668 were saved nationwide in 2016 by safety belts.



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