Teenager Survives Crash Into Lake

(WHBC) – Some terrifying moments for a teenager driving to school Thursday morning, as he slid on a snowy road and crashed into a frigid lake near Canal Fulton.

Lawrence Township Police Chief David Brown says the 17-year-old was going north on Erie Avenue when he lost control of his SUV, hit the guardrail, rolled at least once and entered Lake Lucerne.

He says the SUV was upright, but partially submerged when they arrived.

“Two of our guys were about to go in the water, when our dispatch received a call from the vehicle owner saying her son was the driver, that he had gotten out, got a ride home and that he was okay.”

The chief says the teen smashed a window to get out of his partially submerged SUV, and he’s very lucky to have sustained only minor injuries.

“If there were any other circumstances we would’ve been looking at a fatal crash.”

Canal Fulton & Lawrence Township Fire Department


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